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Hall of Fame



885.Jacqueline Delfgaauw. From Germany. Volunteer Teacher.

A special thank you to Jacqueline for supplying 320 student work books

884. Ian Ramsay-Gerhardt. From Germany. Volunteer Teacher.

883. Donna Ramsay-Gerhardt. From Germany. Volunteer Teacher

A special thank you to the Donna, Ian, as well as their Family, Friends and company for the generous donation of school furniture, student work materials and office supplies.

882. Holly Ingram. From The United Kingdom. Volunteer Teacher.

881. Stuart Ingram. From The United Kingdom. Volunteer Teacher.

880. Marina Maimo Bennasar. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

879. Romee Gamende. From holland. Volunteer Teacher.

878. Antonio Sanjurjo Galarza. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

877. Maria Grau Alba. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

876. Olga Sanz De Sousa. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

875. Sara Perez. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

874. Rafael Mouliaa. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

873. Elena Herrera. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

872. Elisabet Corominas. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

871. Laia Raurell. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

870. Luis Hodges. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

869. Alex Eaton. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

868. Maria Sabate. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

867. Marina Camps. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

866. Ferran Moliner. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

865. Victor Ripolles. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

864. Shermie Rapliza. From Filipino. Volunteer Teacher.

863. Maria Rioja. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

862. Brian Deslandes. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

861. Jemma Walker. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

860. Helna O'Donohue. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

859. Ulysse Chamboux. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

858. Maria Labriet. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

857. Julie Guillaume. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

856. Juliette Rigaut. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

855. Venhari Gresa. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

854. Jemmy Ruer. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

853. Charlotte Jayakoddy. From the United Kingdom. Volunteer Teacher.

852. Alex Honniball. From The United Kingdom. Volunteer Teacher.

851. Samuel Carter. From The United States of America. Volunteer Teacher.

850. Abigail Williams. From The United Kingdom. Volunteer teacher.

849. Qing Yang Cheng. From China. Volunteer teacher.

848. Maria Alvarez. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

847. Aaron Post. From the United States of America. Volunteer teacher.

846. Helena O'Donohue. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

845. Ulysse Chamboux. From France. Volunteer teacher.

844. Marie Labriet. From France. Volunteer teacher.

843. Julie Guillaume. From France. Volunteer teacher.

842. Juliette Rigaut. From France. Volunteer teacher.

841. Venhari Gresa. From France. Volunteer teacher.

840. Jemmy Rver. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

839. Charlotte Jayakoddy. From UK. Volunteer teacher.

838. Alex Honniball. From UK. Volunteer teacher.

837. Samuel Carter. From the United States of America. Volunteer teacher.

836. Abigail Williams. From UK. Volunteer teacher.

835. Qing Yang Cheng. From China. Volunteer teacher.

834. Cosmin Saramet. From Austria. Volunteer teacher.

833. Maria Llanes Alvarez. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

832. Victor Velasco I Ripolles. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

831. Ferran Montserrat Moliner. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

830. Marina Liarte Camps. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

829. Maria Olives Sabate. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

828. Alex Garcia Eaton. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

827. Abigail Frances Williams. From France. Volunteer teacher.

826. Leuis Hodges Sanz. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

825. Pournin Aurore. From France. Volunteer teacher.

824. Adrian Santos. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

823. Elisabet Corominas Bosch. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

822. Laia Raurell Pare. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

821. Thank you very much to Judith and Karl Zalaiskalns from England who have donated $1000 to support SHAC.

820. Alicia Shepherd. From England. Volunteer teacher.

819. Kate Sheedy. From England. Volunteer teacher.

818. Isabella Farina. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

817. Carly Lethborg. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

816. Kemal Brkic. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

815. Ben Goodey. From England. Volunteer teacher.

814. Clea Stemitsiotis. From France. Volunteer teacher.

813. Pierre-Narie Savoure. From France. Volunteer teacher.

812. Lea Petitjean. From France. Volunteer teacher.

811. Julia Lissonnet From France. Volunteer teacher.

810. Bronwyn Smith. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

809. Lisa Astermann. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

808. Thank you very much to Mr Peter Steven and the team from USA who have donated $5000 to support SHAC.

807. Chloe Moran. From England. Volunteer teacher.

806. Jessica Landy. From England. Volunteer teacher.

805. Roelf Auke De Vries. From Netherlands. Volunteer teacher.

804. Brandon Bernard. From USA. Volunteer teacher.

803. Harry McCullagh. From England. Volunteer teacher.

802. Alex Ushkin. From USA. Volunteer teacher.

801. Jacqueline Delfgaauw. From Germany. Volunteer teacher.

800. Liam Roberts. From England. Volunteer teacher.

799. Thank you very much to Mr Daniel Huang from China who supported us with building 6 rooms at SHAC.

798. Lauren Hain. From England. Volunteer teacher.

797. Isadora Freitas. From Portugal. Volunteer teacher.

796. James Greenlees. From England. Volunteer teacher.

795. Nisha Shanti Valliere. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

794. Vaibhavi Lalwani. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

793. Gomes Dapoa. From France. Volunteer teacher.

792. Daniel Driscoll. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

791. Imlyhen Hasna. From France. Volunteer teacher.

790. Rujuta Pendharkar. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

789. Oscar Wang. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

788. Sanjeev Desai. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

787. Kevin Xu. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

786. Barry Gershom Bloch. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

785. Noah Mark Bloch. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

784.Peter Meredith. From England. Volunteer teacher.

783. Mr. Tanmay Dave. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

782. Rojer Family - including Andre, Anna (Marieke) Schoningh, Loes, Hannah, and Berit. From The Netherlands. Volunteer teacher.

781. Elliott Bradley. From England. Volunteer teacher.

780. Mr. Nico Yulaba Sheriff. From Germany. Volunteer teacher.

779. Mr. Sergio Goicoeched Azpiroz. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

778. Ms. Julia Lissonnet. From France. Volunteer teacher.

777. Mr. Pierre-Narie Savoure. From France. Volunteer teacher.

776. Ms. Leah Petitjean. From France. Volunteer teacher.

775. Ms. Isabelle Beddoes. From England. Volunteer teacher.

774. Ms. Zoe Anna Nixon. From England. Volunteer teacher.

773. Mr. Luke Cullen. From England. Volunteer teacher.

772. Ms. Lottie Croder. From England. Volunteer teacher.

771. Ms. Tilly Brooks. From England. Volunteer teacher.

770. Ms. Emily Newell. From England. Volunteer teacher.

769. Ms. Kally McHugh-Simpson. From England. Volunteer teacher.

768. Mr. Jacob Andreae. From England. Volunteer teacher.

767. Mr. Quniton Baylaw. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

766. Ms. Canan Ayse (Alex) Catchpole-Ozpinar. From New Zealand. Volunteer teacher.

765. Mr. Edward Tinney. From Ireland. Volunteer teacher.

764. Ms. Allysia Westcott. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

763. Ms. Cheryl Jones. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

762. Ms. Kai Ying (Catherine) Low. From Malaysia. Volunteer teacher.

761. Ding Siew Yap. From Malaysia. Volunteer teacher.

760. Mr. Alvaro Alonso Carre. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

759. Ms. Belen Argaya. From Spain. Volunteer teacher.

758. Ms. Linda Everard. From Australia. Volunteer teacher.

757.Thank you very much to Lottie Crowder , Kally Mchugh -Simpsan and Emily Newell . From British donated $100 for supporting SHAC .

756. Thank you very much to Mr. Juan for Donated $50 for supporting SHAC .

755. Artsion Ulasavets. From Belarus. Volunteer teacher

754. Alena Ulasavets. From Belarus. Volunteer teacher

753. Mo Piaoyou. From China. Volunteer teacher

752. Lui Feng. From China. Volunteer teacher

751. Francis Muir. From Australia. Volunteer teacher

750. Kate Nichols. From Australia. Volunteer teacher

749. Vo Thi Thu Hien. From Vietnam. Volunteer teacher

748. Nguyen Huy Bang. From Vietnam. Volunteer teacher

747. Nicola Rudi. From Italia. Volunteer teacher

746. Kelly Laboire. From France. Volunteer teacher

745. Theo Maizoue. From France. Volunteer teacher

744. Holly Ingram. From England. Volunteer teacher

743. Gerard Kennedy. From England. Volunteer teacher

742. Daniella Mackie. From England. Volunteer teacher

741. David Rose. From England. Volunteer teacher

740. Maxim Selwyn. From England. Volunteer teacher

737. Reeya Gadhvana. From England. Volunteer teacher

736. Emma Eteen. From England. Volunteer teacher

735. Anna Welsh. From England. Volunteer teacher

734. Daniel Kennedy. From England. Volunteer teacher

733. Csapo sara. From Hungarian. Volunteer teacher

732. Rhiannon Lawton. From  England. Volunteer teacher

731. Vanessa Hadaway. From Australia. Volunteer teacher

730. Mabel Schoen. From Netherlands. Volunteer teacher

729. Hayley Williams. From England. Volunteer teacher

728. Gemma Baker. From England. Volunteer teacher

727. Carla Framriska. From Germany. Volunteer teacher

726. Teah Bishop. From Australia. Volunteer teacher

725. Samuel Stanyi. From Australia. Volunteer teacher

724. Karita Padia. From USA. Volunteer teacher

723. Miss Charlotte Peace. From England. Volunteer teacher

722. Miss Kate Mc kenna. From Ireland. Volunteer teacher

721. Miss Nuria Baron Garanto. From spain. Volunteer teacher

720. Miss Nuria Tomas. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher

719. Miss Sofia Leon. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher

718. Miss Doniela Sondoval. From Chile. Volunteer Teacher

717. Miss Therese Dechene. From Germany. Volunteer Teacher

716. Miss Mary Wright. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher

715. Mr Tibor Joni. From Hungary Volunteer Teacher

714. Miss Rhiannon Lawton. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

713. Miss. Anna Welsh. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

712. Miss. Reeya Gadhvana. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

711. Miss. Maxim Selwyn. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

710. Mr. Daniel Kennedy. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

709. Miss. Emma Eteen. From U.K. Volunteer Teacher.

708. Mr. Bill . From America . Volunteer teacher and donated $400 for supporting to SHAC School.

707. Miss. Ilana Burnett. From U.K Volunteer teacher .

706. Miss. Kim Goodwin. From Australia ( Melbourne ) Volunteer teacher and donated $50 for supporting to SHAC School 

705. Miss . Lucy Shaw . From Australia , Volunteer teacher and Donated $100 to SHAC School for increase the quality of Education for SHAC.

704. Thank you very much to Mrs. Gail Jackman and University of South Australia for donated $100 for the 10 uniforms and $50 for paint and supplies to SHAC School. 

703. Miss. Javi . From British . Volunteer teacher .

702. Thank you very much to Mrs. Pauline Evans , Hall Green Secondary School ( U.K ) Donated $613.95 USD for Celebrated a Christmas Party to SHAC School , 2016.

701. Miss. Ayush . From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

700. Miss. EVIE . From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated

laptop computers to SHAC School .

699. Mr. CHRISTIAAN SWANEPOEL .From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher
and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

698. Miss. GENEVIEVE GREEN . From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

697.Miss. MAANASI KAUSIK .From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

696.MR. SAM GROVES . From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

695. MR. DAVID LUI . From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

694. Miss. POOJA HARINATH .From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

693.Miss, Kaitlin Douglas Gray , From AU, ( Cherrybrook School ) CTHS . Volunteer teacher and donated laptop computers to SHAC School .

692. Elisa Lucia.  From Espanola . Volunteer teacher .

691. Mr. Peter Meredith . From British , Volunteer and donated shirts , tooth pastes and second hand of baby clothes .

690. Mrs. Gail Jackman ,  Niall , Kemal, Nicola, Daniel ( Dan ) , Michael, Nicholas ( Nick ) Naseem , Chiu ( Darren ) , Anissa, Vandi  and Dion. From Australia ( University of South Australia, Volunteer teachers , helping pain and teaching English .

689. Thank you Barncroft Drive , Horwich .  From U.K ,Donated $202 USD to supporting SHAC school.

688. Ong Chin Teik, Ong Nai Joo & Loh Gek Kee. From Malaysia. Donated $80.

687. Lunee Ong & Anna Yeoh. From Malaysia. Donated clothes, toys, games and candy.

686. Bronislav Osicka & Irena Mikulikova. From Czech Republic. Donated school textbooks.

685. Charlotte Peace. From UK. Volunteer Teacher.

684. Kate McKenna. From Ireland. Volunteer Teacher.

683. Nuria Baron Garanto. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

682. Nuria Gonzalez Tomas. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

681. Rocio Wolfe Mora. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

680. Jeff Zinger. From Scotland. Volunteer Administration Assistant.

679. Kelly Drexler. From USA. Volunteer Teacher.

678. Rick Morris. From USA. Volunteer Teacher.

677. Dai Xiaolu. From China. Volunteer Teacher.

676. Marta Bargallo. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

675. Barbara Wiff. From Switzerland. Volunteer Teacher.

674. Thank you Ms. Susan Herman, donated $100.

673. Thank you so much to Elise, Louisa, David Patmore, Tim Cooper, Annick Audrey, Maryanne Ingram, Josie Parker, Stephaniie Chan, Mustafa Alee, Wenjun Liu, Muhammed Abassi, Alex McNeill, Helen Genaris, Kosta Genaris, Linda Thompson donated $430 to support SHAC .

672. Thank you very much to Sam and Teah . From Ausutralia , Donated $50 , some toys and donated their time to teach .

671. Thank you very much to Cherrybrook Technology High School ,AUSTRALIA , Sponsored 5 students and 2 Khmer local teachers for SHAC until now  .

670. Mason Bushman. From USA. Volunteer Teacher.

659. Neos Planes. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

658. Aarushi Vaidya. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

657. Moal Charlotte. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

656. Mfeungkiang Yaheu. From Peru. Volunteer Teacher.

655. Jougounoux Alex. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

654. Tiara Mistry. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

653. Lucie Parsons. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

652. Georgia Smythe. From Austrailia. Volunteer Teacher.

651. Emma Gomez Gonzalez. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

650. Kirchherr Marius Leon. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

649. Strolz Tobias. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

648. Darya Abdollahi. From Canada. Volunteer Teacher.

647. Miss. Carla Howell. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

646. Miss. Emily Brazier. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

645. Mr. Dylan Mistry. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

644. Miss. Tiara Mistry. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

643. Miss. Aarushi Vaidya. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

642. Miss. Amee Patel. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

641. Miss. Ylenia Capodiferro Llambrich. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

640. Mr. Didac Martin Martinez. From Spain. Volunteer Teacher.

639. Mr. Alex Jougounoux. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

638. Miss. Reine Danielle Mfeungwang. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

637. Miss. Moal Charlotte. From France. Volunteer Teacher.

636. Mr. Daniel Mackie. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

635. Miss Ebony Kay. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

634. Miss Rebecca Wallington. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher.

633. Miss. Mruthiran Say. From Luxembourg. Volunteer Teacher.

632. Miss. Sarah Anderson. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

631. Miss. Jessica Lynch. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

630. Miss. Elilzabeth Warwick-Champion. From Ireland. Volunteer Teacher.

629. Miss. Barbara Mesquita Dias. From Brazil. Volunteer Teacher.

628. Mr. Daniel Joyce. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

627. Miss. Magdelene NG. From Singapore. Volunteer Teacher.

626. Miss. Maria Morales. From Phillipines. Volunteer Teacher.

625. Miss. Catherine Watson. From Britain. Volunteer Teacher.

624. Miss. Molly Bredensteiner. From USA. Volunteer teacher.

623. Miss. Halana Palmer. From Britain . Volunteer teacher.

622. Jessica Faras. From Australia . Volunteer teacher

621. Thank you Mrs. Joan and Jessica Faras , from Australia donated $50 to SHAC .

620. Thank you Mrs. Kim Wilson . and the group from Australia donated $200 to SHAC school for supporting education , we can have electric pay now with this money.

619.Paula Maria Helena . From German . Volunteer teacher .

618. Joseph Cabery . From U.K . Volunteer teacher

617.Ryan O'Driscoll. From U.K . volunteer teacher

616. Elizabeth . From U.K. Volunteer teacher .

615. Claire Nevin . From U.K. Volunteer teacher.

614. Thank you very much to Mss. Rozemajijn Marja and Arrie. From Holand . Donated colors, 2 boards , a ball and story books.

613. Thank you very much to Sister Jean and Judy . From Australia. Donated $750. for the school road repaired . and $250 for support SHAC for education .

612. Emily Hammond . From British . Volunteer teacher.

611. Mick Vanmil. From Newzerland . Volunteer teacher

610. Cannale Vilella Orane . From French . Volunteer teacher

609. Vilella Marianne . From French . Volunteer teacher

608. Cannale Vilella Eden . From French . Volunteer teacher

607. Zoe Mneill Wilkie . From British . Volunteer teacher

606. Dalia Benjamin . From Singaporean .Volunteer teacher

605. Aisling Gill. From Irish . Volunteer teacher .

604. Aisling Gill , Julitte Cocks , Mikayla Menkes , Dalia Benjamin . Donated $500 to SHAC for support for education .

603. Mikayla Menkes. From American . Volunteer teacher

602. Juliette Cocks. From French . Volunteer teacher

601. Daniel Castellaut . From British . Volunteer teacher

600. Jenny Bacon. From British . Volunteer teacher

599.Parry Wilkinson. From Canadian.Volunteer teacher

598.Timothy Andrew John Harcourt . From New Zealand . Volunteer teacher

597. Emma Owen . From Australia . Volunteer teacher

596. Harrision Coe. From Australia . Volunteer teacher

595. Rachael Middleton . From British . Volunteer teacher

594. Alyce Samders. From Australia . Volunteer teacher

593. Sylvain Laugris. From French . Volunteer teacher

592. Stephanie Langris. From French. Volunteer teacher .

591. Clare Twinning . From British . Volunteer teacher

590. A great thank you very much to Mr. Guy Dumont ( Mr. Red Nose ) Donated $1045.96 to SHAC for support the education for children in Cambodia

589. Isobel Macleod. From British . Volunteer teacher

588. Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Be narroch Michel . From French , Donated money $259 . to support SHAC for the education .

587. Thank you Karen Yannaelle . Benarroch. From France . Volunteer teacher and donated school supplies

586.Thank you Elicia Messody Benarroch . From French . Volunteer teacher and donated school supplies .

585. Anna Statham Smith . From British . Volunteer

584.Thank you Pikjo Saikko . From Finland . Volunteer teacher

583. In AU dollars . Received $50 - Riak Ngor-Apuol Received $10 - Ben Geason Received $100 - Elise Patmore Received $50 - Nguyen Tu Received $20 - Vivi Perry Received $40 - Lexie Liu Received $50 - Nancy Da Ros Received $50 - Chalerm Tuantab Received $20 - Andrew Abernethy Received $10 - Jaimee-lee Watt Received $100 - Louisa and David Patmore . Total in USD Dollars : $293.95 USD.

582. Natalia Kovalski . From Israel . Donated $9 for SHAC .

581. Thank you very much to Mathew Tully . From U.K. Volunteer teacher since year 2012 and now come back again.

580. Thank you Marissa , Jeff and Eli Minasian from USA. donated colors , pencils and some art supplies for SHAC.

579. Miss McKenna Mitchell. From USA (Volunteer teacher)

578. Mr. Scott Loy. From USA (Volunteer teacher)

577. Mrs. Lauren Wilkes. From UK (Volunteer teacher)

576. Mr. Shane Wilkes. From UK (Volunteer teacher)

575. Thank you to Ivy Sim, Dylan Yeap, Havjo Anas, Migo Hsieh and Jennifer Toh for donating four computers, one printer and gifts for the school.

574. Mr. Harrison Co . From UK (Volunteer teacher)

573. Thank you very much to Mr/ Mrs. Sudhir and the family . From Australia for donated a projector to support SHAC.

572. Thank you very much for Mr. Alain and Jenne for continue to support a khmer teacher for 5 months.

571. Cheisea Bagery . From Australia . Volunteer teacher .

570. Shannon Claridge . From Australia . Volunteer teacher

569. Thank you to Mrs. CHANTAL DIAZ and the team from France , donated some medicine for SHAC school.

568. Mrs. Joy Furniss . From Australia ( Donated school supplies as a great gifts for SHAC children )

567. Miss. Mirelle Davis . From U.K. ( Volunteer Teacher )

566. Miss. Mali Herzer . From Australia ( Volunteer Teacher )

565. Miss. Annie Herzer. From Australia ( Volunteer Teacher )

564. Mrs. Nancy Shepherd . From USA. Volunteer teacher .

563. Mr. Gerry Herzer . From Australia ( Volunteer Teacher )

562.Mrs. Elizabeth Herzer. from Australia ( Volunteer Teacher )

561. Miss. Leah Cumming, from America. (Volunteer Teacher).

560. Mr. Cole Thompson, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

559. Mr. Simon Chorley, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

558. Miss. Alex Conway, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

557. Miss. Sue, from Australia. (Donated $649 to support SHAC and a copy books ).

556. Mr. Alexandre Limon, from France. (Volunteer Helper).

555. Miss Jade Cella, from England. (Volunteer Helper).

554. Mr. Andy and family, from Australia. (Donated $500 for a Khmer helper).

553. Mrs. Nancy Da Ros and Mrs. Louisa Patmore, from Australia. (Visitors and donated money to SHAC).

552. Miss. Elise Patmore, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher, Administration and donated $50 for website renewal).

551. Miss. Lucy Scott, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

550. Miss. Alix Langlois, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

549. Mr. Julien Barata, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

548. Miss. Katie Doyle, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

547. Miss. Alice Baines, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

546. Miss. Lisa Maher, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

545. Miss. Roberta Jorge, from Brazil. (Volunteer Teacher).

544. Miss. Nicole Green, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

543. Miss. Kaylee Hopkins, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

542. Mr. Guillermo Savall, from Spain. (Volunteer Teacher).

541. Ms. Jean McManigle, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

540. Ms. Judy Harvey, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

539. Richard and Tracy Osborne, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

538. Sophie Evans, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

537. Amy Vinie, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

536. Stanislav Stoilov, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

535. Sara "Gili" Schwerd, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

534. Andrea Levin, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

533. Julia Morton, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

532. Katie Blair, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

531. Rebecca Blair, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

530. Tuliia Bond, from Ukraine. (Volunteer Teacher).

529. Rushnay Sikander, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

528. Yujia Qi, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

527. Jasper Ngai, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

526. Desmond and Elaine Pratt, from Australia. (Volunteer Teachers, donated $450 for a Khmer helper and a significant amount for supporting SHAC).

525. Laura Wright, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

524. Miguel Ortiz- Canarate, from Spain. (Volunteer Teacher).

523. Sabrina Siow, from Singapore. (Volunteer Teacher).

522. Anna Orlean-Buchanan, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

521. Hannah Williams, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

520. Lucy Howard, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

519. Luke Titley, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

518. Anthony Poulin, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

517. Samantha Poon, Jonathan Cam, and Phoebe Hung, from Hong Kong. (Volunteer Teachers).

516. John David Morton, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

515. Sarah Allen, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

514. Beatrice Stuart, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

513. Rebecca Withams, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

512. Tilly Rand-Bell, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

511. Christopher Pickles, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

510. Molly Johnson, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

509. Brenda Greaney, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

508. Alan Greaney, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

507. Lauren Colville, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

506. Florence Wheatley, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

505. Jeremey Dicks, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

504. Melissa Sieben, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

503. Angela Povse, from America. (Volunteer Teacher).

502. Annabel Teate, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

501. Erika Eloisa Mata, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

500. James Michael Tancred, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

499. Lauren Jauncey, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

498. Louisa Kelly, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

497. Lauren Francesca Colville, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

496. Judith and Karl, Zalaiskalns, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

495. Charlotte Jacksom, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

494. Adrian Wallace, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

493. Ellis Morgan, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

492. Rosie Collopp Watson, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

491. Helen Sharland, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

490. Harriet Tavener, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

489. Alexia Fievet, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

488. Eleanore Hermann, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

487. Stephanie Hrechka, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

486. Frank Thomas, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

485. Edel Wynne, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

484. Aureila Russo, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

483. Elodie Bartier, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

482. Claire Wickens, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

481. Danielle Provencher, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

480. Hannah Brotherwood, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

479. Connie Grant, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

478. Emma Fearan, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

477. Cara Houston, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

476. Ashlee Vella, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

475. Lorna McHattie, from Scotland. (Volunteer Teacher).

474. Samantha Hawkins, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

473. Joo Ning Juln Seau, from Singapore. (Volunteer Teacher).

472. Huey Shyan Chua, from Singapore. (Volunteer Teacher).

471. Jake Benjamin Gill, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

470. Caroline Thomas, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

469. Lena Block, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

468. Christian Van Den Berge, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

467. Shyla Puri, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

466. Luey Elizabeth Scott, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

465. Amy Fitzpatrick, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

464. Elliot Ingram, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

463. Neal Singh, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

462. Ben Lee-Conway, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

461. Jason Koch, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

460. Sarah Pelzman, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

459. Mathilde Diveteau, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

458. Ariel Runyon, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

457. Duillier Thibault, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

456. Rebecca Blair, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

455. Katie Blair, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

454. Ruiying Li, from China. (Volunteer Teacher).

453. Ida Oldhoff, from the Netherlands. (Volunteer Teacher).

452. Aline Isabelle Schwizer, from Switzerland. (Volunteer Teacher).

451. Heather Dorling, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

450. Mackenzie Jones, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

449. Oliver, Katina, Mikhalia and Zoe Tutte, from Canada. (Volunteer Teachers).

448. Joshua Hudson, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

447. Baronet Enora, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

446. Lyndsay Farmer, from Britain. (Volunteer teacher).

445. Ariel Runyon, from USA. (Volunteer Teacher).

444. Mathilde Piveteau, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

443. Sarah Pelzman, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

442. Baronneti Enora, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

441. Joshua Hudson, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

440. Oliver Family. From Canada. Volunteer teacher.

439. Desmond James Pratt & Mrs. Elaine Margaret Pratt . From Australia. Volunteer teacher and donated school supplies and clothes to help and support my school and all the children at SHAC.

438. Thank you Cassie Mowbray , Mark, Peter and Students of St Francis Xavier's Collage Hamilton Australia for donated $25 to help my school.

437.Rushnay Sikander. From British. Volunteer teacher

436. Laura Wright. From British . Volunteer teacher

435. Miguel Ortiz . From Spain . Volunteer teacher.

434. Thank you so much to A J Osborns . U.K. For donate $585 USD over the SHAC bank transfer to support SHAC School.

433. Mackenzie Jones , Canadian .Volunteer

432. Fearon Emma . U.K .Volunteer

431. Dorling Heather Rachel . U.K .Volunteer

430. Mackenzie Jone .Volunteer

429. Joshua Alezander . British .Volunteer

428. Baronnet Enora . France .Volunteer

427. Mathilde Piveteau . France .Volunteer

426 Sarah Pelzman . France .Volunteer

425. Ariel Runyon . USA .Volunteer

424. Ida Oldhotf . Dutch .Volunteer

423. Duvillier Thibault . France .Volunteer

422. Rebecca Blair . British .Volunteer

421. Katie Blair . British .Volunteer

420. Ruiying Li. China .Volunteer

419. Aline Isabelle Schwizes . Swiss .Volunteer

418. Heather Dorling . British .Volunteer

417. Cara Houston . Irish .Volunteer

416. Emma Iearan. British .Volunteer

415. Thank You So much to Mr. John K Lee . US. Donated $ 989USD for supporting SHAC School.

414. Ashlee Vella .Australian .Volunteer

413. Lorna Mchattie . Scottish .Volunteer

412. Samantha Hawkins . British .Volunteer

411. Hannah Brotherwood. British .Volunteer

410. Connie Grant . British .Volunteer

409. A very special Thank you to my beautiful Judith and Karl Zalaiskalns, from U.K. (Judith participated in a generous fundraising effort through shaving her hair, she also sold her hair to the hospital. She donated US$,3170 to support SHAC School).

408. Charlotte Jackson. British .Volunteer

407. Adrian Wallace . Irish .Volunteer

405. Ellis Morgan . British .Volunteer

405. Rosie Colloff Watson . British .Volunteer

404. Harruet Tavener. British. Volunteer

403. Helen Sharland . British . Volunteer

402. Alexia Fievet. France . Volunteer

401. Elence Hermann . France . Volunteer

400. Stephanie Hrechka , Canadian. Volunteer

399. Frank Thomas . British .Volunteer

398. Edel Wynne . Irish . Volunteer

397. Aurelia Russo . U.K. Volunteer

396. Elodie Bartier . France . Volunteer

395. Claire Wickens . British .Volunteer

394. Danielle Provencher . Canadian. Volunteer

393. Sharland Helen Catherine . U.K . Volunteer

392. Melissa Sieben , Canadian . Volunteer

391. Angela Porse . American . Volunteer

390. Annabel Teate . Australai .Volunteer

389. Erika Mata . USA. Volunteer

388. James Michael Tancred . Australia Volunteer

387. Lauren Grace Jauncey . Australia . Volunteer

386. Louise Marqaret Kelly . Australia. Volunteer

395. Elodie Bartier Volunteer

394. Aurelia Russo . Volunteer

393. Luke Titley and Lucy Howard . British. Volunteer

392. Anthony Poulin . Canada . Volunteer

391. John David Morton. United States Of America . Volunteer

390. Sarah Allen . British. Volunteer

389. Beatrice Stewart . British. Volunteer

388. Rebecca Withams . British . Volunteer

387. Tilly Rand Bell . British . Volunteer

386. Christopher Pickles . U.K. Volunteer

385. Molly Alexandra Tegan Johnson. British . Volunteer

384. Brenda Greaney . British. Volunteer

383. Alan Greasey. British. Volunteer

382. Lauren Colville . British . Volunteer

381. Florence Wheatley. From British. Volunteer

380. Jeremy Dicks. From U.K. Volunteer

379. Tracy Osborne . U.K. Volunteer and supporting with school supplies.

378. Richard Osborne . U.K.Volunteer and supporting with school supplies.

377. Sophie Evans . From Australia . Volunteer

376. Stanislav Stavrev . From British. Volunteer

375. Amy Vince . From Australia . Volunteer

374. Sarah Elizabeth Schwerd . From United States Of American . Volunteer

373. Andrea Mara Levin . From USA . Volunteer

372. Jullia Ruth Morton. From British. Volunteer

371. Family , Oliver , Katina , Mikhaila Zie . From Tutte . Volunteer .

370. Samantita Poon , Jonathan , Phoebe Hung . Volunteer .

370. Beatrice Stewart. British. Volunteer

369. Sarah Allen. British. Volunteer

368. Charlotte Jackson. British. Volunteer

367. Ellis Morgan. British. Volunteer Teacher

366. Rosie Colloff Watson. British. Volunteer Teacher

365. Harriet Tavener. British. Volunteer Teacher

364. Claire Wickens. British. Volunteer Teacher

363. Danielle Provencher. Canadian. Volunteer Teacher

362. Helen Sharland. British. Volunteer Teacher

361. Alexia Fievet. French. Volunteer Teacher

360. Eleanore Herrmann. French. Volunteer Teacher

359. Stephanie Hrechka. Canadian. Volunteer Teacher

358. Edel Wynne. Irish. Volunteer Teacher

357. Aurelia Russo. English. Volunteer Teacher

356. Elodie Bartier. French. Volunteer Teacher

355. Ida Straise. Swedish. Volunteer Teacher

354. Marina Mayro. Portuguese. Volunteer Teacher

353. Carly Louise Anderson. Australian. Volunteer Teacher

352. Matilda Sa Da Bandeira. Portuguesse. Volunteer Teacher

351. John McCormick. British. Volunteer Teacher

350. Jane Bland. British. Volunteer Teacher

349. Caleb Heeringa. American. Volunteer Teacher

348. Kaytlin McIntyre. American. Volunteer Teacher

347. Ilana Barnett. British. Volunteer Teacher

346. Mirelle Davis. British. Volunteer Teacher

345. Natalie Meyer. American. Volunteer Teacher

344. Paula Andrea Halpern. Argentinean. Volunteer Teacher

343. Randall Aquino. American. Volunteer Teacher

342. Peter Weaver. British. Volunteer Teacher

341. Helen McPake. Australian. Volunteer Teacher

340. Amazing Indochina . For school supplies .

339. Thank you Brad Dorkin and Tara Scudero . For donated windows , school supplies and 6 students tables.

The Collective Store at Wynnum, Estee Lauder, Pacific magazines, Risc Hair & Beauty at Westend, Sony Pictures & Hogs Breath Cafe Australia , for the fundraising for supporting SHAC with total $576.37 USD for supporting children for Education. Without your support I don't know where those children go for study. Thank you so much . We are very much appreciated .

338. A Special thanks to Angela Dean , APlace to Create at Arana Hills  Elaine's beautiful card making,

337. Mitchell Hunter. From British . Volunteer teacher

336. Siobnan Fray . From British . Volunteer teacher

335. Laura Kalus . From British. Volunteer teacher

334. Poly Whitelam . From British . Volunteer teacher

333.Katherine Singleton . From British . Volunteer teacher

332. Joana Cruf Matos Calvao Da Silva. From Portugal . Volunteer teacher

331.Joao Marques. From Portugal. Volunteer teacher

330. Ines Gongalves Morais . From Portugal. Volunteer teacher

329. Hilde Geerts. From Belgium . Volunteer teacher

328. William Fleetwood, From British. Volunteer teacher

327. Melissa Brayant. From British. Volunteer teacher

326. Sanket Gupta. From India. Volunteer teacher.

325.Charlate. From British . Volunteer teacher

324. Alexi. From British . Volunteer teacher

323. Thank you Christin Goodell. From USA donated $60 for school supplies.

322. Dean Wengrow . From England . Volunteer teacher

321. Hanna Shafrar . From Canadian . Volunteer teacher

320. Mellesa Wender. From US . Volunteer teacher

319. William Rexse , From USA . Volunteer teacher

318. Conor M'Rag , From American . Volunteer teacher

317. Annabel Alexandra .From Bristish . Volunteer teacher

316. Oliver Mullew . From England . Volunteer teacher

315. Coracie Cintorino . From France . Volunteer teacher

314. Samantha Povay . From Australia . Volunteer teacher

313. Tine Maria . From Belgium . Volunteer teacher

312. Ben Anbrew Birnie . From British Volunteer teacher

311. Jessicia Caroline . From British . Volunteer teacher

310. Abigail May Dujjus . From British . Volunteer teacher

309. Franca Mathea Rolien . From Dutch . Volunteer teacher /

308. Morilo Scoot . Volunteer teacher

307. Math Sikora. From USA . Volunteer teacher

306. Naomi Dixon. From British . Volunteer teacher

305.Merial Clementson . From British . Volunteer teacher .

304.Tine Scott . From Irish . Volunteer teacher

303. Sarah Keeble . From Brithish . Volunteer teacher .

302. Daphne Power . From Australia for supporting a new walk gate for SHAC .

301. Give a special thanks to Rick & Nicci . From Australia , Sponsor a teacher , donated uniforms , spirulina program rent the property and SHAC building.

300. James Ashton , Matt Sikora . Visitors

290. Jemma Mcreesh . Alessia Zammataro . From U.K , visitors.

280. Mrs. Jude Zalaiskalns and Mr. Karl Zalaiskalns . From U.K . Donated school supplies and official supplies to SHAC for Education .

279. Joanne Thomson. From England. Volunteer Teacher

278. Ms Claire Lee. From England. Volunteer Teacher

277. Ry Young. From the United States. Donated $150 for classroom construction project

276. Amy Taylor. From England. Donated hygiene supplies and coordinated a hygiene workshop.

275. Julia Bridge. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

274. Annabel Bassant. From England. Volunteer Teacher

273. Francesca Baker. From England. Volunteer Teacher

272. Sophie Martin. From England. Volunteer Teacher

271. Olivia Swisher. From the United States of America. Volunteer Teacher

270. Nicholas Packham. From England. Volunteer Teacher

269. Isabelle Grace Amy Seccombe. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

268. Christine Moon. From the United States of America. Volunteer Teacher

267. Theresa Sandra Nathalie Botridsson. From Sweden. Volunteer Teacher

266. Olivia Mahon. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

265. Tuesday Atkins. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

264. Jan Falmer. From the United States of America. Volunteer Teacher

263. Megan Layton. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

262. Stephanie Goodman. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

261. Mary Livesey. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

260. Rachel Penn. From England. Volunteer Teacher

259. Charlotte Brown. From England. Volunteer Teacher

258. Airlie Srewart. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

257. Paul Burgun. From Australia. Volunteer Teacher

256. Gina Rae Anderson. From Canada. Volunteer Teacher

255. Alyson Morris. From England. Volunteer Teacher

254. Grace Davis. From the United States of America. Volunteer Teacher

253. Wendy Train. From Canada. Volunteer Teacher

252. Leila Osman. From England. Volunteer Teacher

251. Sophie Stockill. From England. Volunteer Teacher

250. Ellen Mackenzie. From England. Volunteer Teacher

249. Tara Westlund. From the United States of America. Volunteer Teacher

248. Ebony Jane Ward. From England. Volunteer Teacher

247. Filippo Mikael Bonnier. From Italy. Volunteering

246. Heidi Baines. From Wales. Volunteer Teacher.

245. Tania Rita Silva Dos Santos. From Portugal. Volunteering

244. Marie Sol Elexpruru. From Spain. Volunteering

243. Toyomo . From Japan . Volunteering teacher

242. Therese Astrand . From Sweden . Volunteering

241. Niklas Asterdahl . From Sweden . Volunteering

240. Ms. Helen Elezabeth . From Australia Volunteering .

239. Ms. Megan Louise . From Australia Volunteering

238. Thank you Gustavo Araujo .and Bruno Oliveira . From Brazil . Helping with SHAC's Facebook .

237. Thank you Kaytlin Mc Intyre . From USA . Volunteer teacher

236. Thank you Caleb Heeringa. From USA . Helping update SHAC's Website

235.Thank you Nathalie Meyer . From America . Volunteer teacher

234. Thank you Ms Paula Andrea Halpern . From Argentina , Volunteer teacher

233. Thank you Randall Awagne Aquino . From America . Volunteer teacher

232. Thank you Ms. Ilana Barnett . From England . Volunteer teacher .

231. Thank you Mrs. Francisco Sa Da Bandeira from Portugal . Visitor .

230. Thank you Katherine Grant . From AU . Visitor

219. Thank you Ms. Mirelle Davis . From U.K ( Volunteer teacher )

218.Thank you Asquith G.H.S ( Vanessa ) From Australia Sydney . Donated $500 to SHAC for school supplies and uniforms .

217. Thank you Sally and Mike. From Australia Sydney. Donated $100 to CHL(my husband's school ) for education supplies

217. Thank you Richard and Tanya . Donated $170 to SHAC for print the report books to SHAC 170 kids.

216. Thank you Domonique and husband ,for donated $27 to SHAC school

215. Thank you Ross Willson . From Australia donated $188 to SHAC school

214. Thank you Mr. Ray Cillins ( Principle Sschool ) , Mss Kim , Michelle and other teachers from Australia . Visiting at SHAC . and Thanks Miss Kim for donated $100 to SHAC school .

213. Adrienne M Manus . From Ireland ( Volunteer teacher )

212. Mr. Peter Waver . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

211. Ms. Sarah Arend . From Australia ( Donated school supplies to SHAC )

210. Funded from SIM's Cambodia for : Director chair , SHAC school ceiling , fixing the road , School supplies , Spirulina program , Director salary , Electricity connect from 10 A to 32 A and electric bill .

209. Jane Bland . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

208. Mr. John M Cormick . From Scotland ( Volunteer teacher )

207. Ms. Marina Bitlencourt . From Portugal ( Volunteer teacher )

206. Ms. Matilde S'a da Bandeira . From Portugal ( Volunteer teacher )

205. Ms. Elizabeth M Comb . From USA ( Volunteer teacher )

204. Mrs. Margie . From Australia ( Donated school supplies to SHAC )

203. Ms. Gemma Lockley . From Australia ( Volunteer teacher )

202. Ms. Maria Horia . From Portugal ( Volunteer teacher )

201. Ms. Rie Shigemori . From Japan ( Volunteer teacher )

200. Ms. Shiho Takahashi . From Japan ( Volunteer teacher )

199. Mr. Micheal Dress . From USA ( Volunteer teacher and sponsoring Syha ( a boy )for education )

198. Mrs. Michelle Lange . From USA ( Volunteer teacher )

197 . De Leonardis Valentina . From Italy ( Volunteer teacher ) .

196. Ms. Bartier Elodie . From France ( Volunteer teacher )

195. Susan Nottingham . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

194. Ms. Kate Addison . From Scotland ( Volunteer teacher )

193.Ms. Joana Coelho . From France ( Volunteer teacher )

192. Mr. Tayadas Steeve . From France ( Volunteer teacher )

190. Mr. Adrian Daley . From U.K ( Volunteer teacher )

189. Mrs. Lynn Joan Daley . From U.K ( Volunteer teacher )

188. Ms. Lara Paijmans . From Australia ( Volunteer teacher )

187. Mr. Khan . From England ( Donated money to SHAC )

186. Mr. Oliver Gillon . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

185. Christine Cambrook . From England (Volunteer teacher )

184. Ms. Emly Dutton . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

183. Mr. Green Traazil . From Singapor ( Visitor )

182. Cairns Tim Brian ( Volunteer teacher )

181. Thanks you Mrs. Caralie Taylor ( Nurse ) , Donated the Albendazole medicine for our kids .

180 . St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School Carnarvon WA . From Australia . Volunteer teachers and donated school supplies to SHAC School .

179. Katie Henry . From USA . Donated $10 for SHAC school .

178. Ms. Debble , Glendenning . From Australia visitor and donated color books and color pencil .

177. Mrs. Kathleen Theresa and a group of 13 . From Australia . Volunteer teacher .

176. Ms. Letizia Lecilia Amelia Bordoh. From Swiss . Volunteer teacher

175. Ms. Christiane Demmel . From German . Volunteer teacher

174. Mr. Vincent Joseph Lennox JR. From American . Volunteer teacher

173. Ms. Carly Louise Andersen . From Australia . Volunteer teacher .

172. Ms. Shelley Griffith . From England . Volunteer teacher .

171. Ms. Vera Alexandra . From Portugal . Volunteer teacher .

170. Mr. Daniel . From Portugal . Volunteer teacher .

169. Mr. Joshua Ryan . From Australia . Volunteer teacher

168. Ms. Shelly . From England. Volunteer teacher .

167. Ms. Carly . From Australia. Volunteer teacher .

166. Mr. Simon . From England . Volunteer teacher

165. Ms. Jera . Alexandra Silva . From Portugal . Volunteer teacher .

164. Ms. Helen Morsman . From U.K . Volunteer teacher .

163. Ms. Laura Chapman . From U.K Volunteer teacher

162. Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Valerie Therrien . From USA .Volunteer teahers , Donated 2 extinguishers and 4 desks.

161. Ms. Kathryn Marie Freeman . From United States of America ( Volunteer teacher )

160. Mrs. Diane Favia and Mr. Charlie . From USA ( Volunteer teacher )

159. Ms. Bourdet Lise . From France ( Volunteer teacher )

158. Ms. Sabrina Richards . From England ( Volunteer teacher )

157. Mr. Alexander David . From British ( Volunteer teacher )

156. Mr. Joao Frederico . From Portugal ( Volunteer teacher )

155. Ms. Ana Maria . From Portugal ( Volunteer teacher )

154 . Daniel Naumann . From German ( Visitor )

153. Mathilde Siljetklo . From Denmark ( Donated 1 big bag rice , 3 balls , and jump ropes )

152. St Michael's Nelson Bay . Donated money for the roof .

151. Mr. Clemen . From France ( Volunteer teacher )

150. Ms. Julie Simmonds, from England. ( Donated $200)

149. Ms. Emma Reynolds, from New Zealand. (Volunteer Teacher).

148. Ms. Jessica Ledied, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher and donated some second hand clothes).

147. Ms. Elaine Mc Ehone, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

146. Ms. Grace Donaghue, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

145. Ms. Charity Kirschner, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher and donated some second hand clothes, some books and some pencils).

144. Mr. Joel Sheppard and Ms. Joann Basada, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher and donated $100 to supporting SHAC School).

143. Ms. Miki Takahashi, from Japan. (Donated 30 uniforms).

142. Pedro Peta Groz, from Portugal (Donated $100 for the new road to SHAC).

141. Ms. Amanda Fay Rogers, from Canada. (Volunteer Teacher).

140. Kathies, Cameron, Anne & Paul, from Australia. (Donated money for 10 new student uniforms, school supplies and other resources).

139. Kate Bullen, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

138. Christopher Paul Rackley, from England (Volunteer teacher).

137. Yushi and his friend, from Japan. (Visitors).

136. Ms. Imogen Builder and Rebecca, from Australia (Visitors and donated some school supplies).

135. Miki, from Japan. (Donated 30 kids uniforms).

134. Maidana Daniela Eleth, from Switzerland. (Volunteer teacher).

233. Ms.Carlota Almeida Duarte Seladas, from Portugal. (Volunteer teacher).

232.Ms. Esther Korteweg, from Netherlands. (Volunteer teacher and donated a white board).

231. Ms. Siobhan Fryer, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher and donated 5 uniforms and 13 text books).

230. Fallen Sparrow Foundation Organization (Donated for building Grade 5 class).

229. Ms. Lara Paijmans, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher).

228. Mrs. Maxine Lee -Morath, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher, donated 20 pairs of shoes, 25 bags, 20 uniforms, two fans and teaching resources).

227. Ms. Wu Jiatong (donated some clothes and assisted teaching), Ms. Susie, from China (Donated pants and visited).

226. Thank you Mr. Adrian Daley and Mrs. Lynn Joan Daley, from England. (Volunteer Teachers & donated extinguishers for SHAC).

225.Leonie McIntosh . From The Collective Store, Peter Moore . From Brandnew Media , Estee Lauder Compaines all in Brisbane, Mrs. Gaye Kalpus, Elaine Powell , Amara Lawrence , Gayle and other Angela's friends and family from Australia (Donated to SHAC school for the new road, and other for the administration need).

224. Mrs. and Mr. Robyn and Keith Evans, from Australia. (Support a child from SHAC).

223. Julie Woollard and Helen Gleghorn, from Australia. (Support a child from SHAC).

222. Helen Mortgomesy, Judy Lee, Kerry Reigan, Lyn Upton, Jenny Austin, and Danie Evans. (Nowra High School) for donating stationary.

221. Bill Dowdell (Nowra High School) Donated $100 to SHAC .

220. Thank you Cherrybrook (THS) supporting SHAC for education .

219. Carlota Maria Amaro Nogueira, from Portugal . (Volunteer teacher).

218. Mrs. Susan Nottingham, from UK. (Volunteer teacher).

217. Miss. Kate Addison, from Scotland. (Volunteer teacher).

216. Steve, Gregory Fayadas, from France. (Volunteer teacher).

215. Ms. Joana Coelho, from France. (Volunteer teacher, and donated $100 for SHAC school).

214. Kadisha Haynes, from Australia. (Visitor /donated school supplies).

213. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon & Lorna Morgan for Lucy's education.

212. Our Lady of Lourders Tarro, from Australia. (Donated for Teachers $150).

211. St Jeseph's East Maitland. (Donated $200 for TV set).

210. San Clemente High School Mayfield 9 Commerce X, from Australia. (Donated School supplies + Craft ).

209. Rosy GuestHouse for fund raising and Stephen McMurray, from UK. Fund raising for SHAC .

208. Caroline Barslund, Kristine Karlshoj, Isabella, Ha Bich Ngo, Pernille, Nanna Maiken, Karoline Marie, Johanne Anine and Mathilde, from Denmark (Visitors and donated some snack for children).

207. Miss. Sarah Pycroft, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

206. Mr. Andrew Bossie, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher and donated school supplies).

205. Miss. Carolyn Haskey, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher and donated school supplies).

204. Mrs. Kay Stendevad , from England. (Volunteer teacher).

203. Miss. Claudia and Franziska. (Donated some school supplies and some puzzles).

202. Thank you to Orienting NGO for Sponsoring SHAC Website for a year. November 21 , 2012 .

201. Mrs. Kathie & Cameran Hill, Mr. Paul & Anne, from Australia (Donated school supplies and kids balls).

200.Rogerio Silva and Claudia Silva, from Portugal. (Internet sponsor).

199. Mrs. Claire & Mr. Russ Moore (Visitor donated one bench).

198. Miss. Beth Jessica, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher and donated school supplies) .

197. Miss. Sian Frances, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher and donated some school supplies).

196. Mrs. Amanda Mallia, from Italy. (Volunteer Teacher and donated 20 plastic chairs, 2 iron tables, 1 white board and some other school supplies).

195. Mr. Macaroni, from Portugal. (Visitor) .

194. Mr. Stephen, from Canada. (Donated $40 for children in Education supplies).

193. Mrs. HOR Francoise, from KH/ France (Donated school supplies for SHAC).

192. Mrs. Alice, from France. (Donated $25 for SHAC children education).

191. Mrs. Payal Bhosekar - Tidke, from India. (Volunteer Teacher).

190. Amy Cope, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

189. DECD Level 6 . From Australia. (Donated 20 uniforms and school supplies for SHAC).

188. Mrs. Gail and the University, from Australia. (Volunteering at SHAC and donated some resources for the school and 10 uniforms).

187. Miss. Roxana Sanchez Marioni, from Mexico. (Volunteer teacher).

186. Suem Valiyff, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher).

185. Miss. Zuzana Kotrasonva, from Slovak Republic. (Volunteer teacher).

184. Miss. Alex Zwick, from Canada. (Volunteer teacher).

183. Miss. Caylon Jasmine La Mantia, from England (Volunteer teacher).

182. Miss. Sarah Jane Arend, from Australia. (Volunteer teacher).

181. Mr. Brian Morgan and Mrs. Sue Morgan, from Australia (Volunteer Teachers and donated a white board for grade 4, school supplies and some toys, $850, 150 kg of clothing from Lowes, $400 to Lucy's sponsorship, helping set up a spirulina program, CD player and other resources for SHAC), Also a huge thank you for sponsoring me and my daughter to visit Australia, we greatly appreciate it.

180. Miss. Margarida Simao, from Portugal (Volunteer Teacher).

179. Miss. Frederique Irion, from France. (Visitor 12. 9. 2012).

178. Mrs. Joy, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

177. Mr. Tsugio Kato, from Japan. (Donated clocks and some supplies for SHAC).

176. Miss. Sofia Seruya, from Portugal Orienting. (Volunteer Teacher).

175. Miss. Vironika Sandanger, from Norway. (Volunteer Teacher, $40 and a bicycle).

174. Miss. Amy Ruth Brown, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher, donated 2 books and school supplies).

173. Miss. Catarina, from Portugal. (Volunteer Teacher).

172. Miss. Leonor, from Portugal. (Volunteer Teacher and donated school supplies, some bags, some uniforms and some office supplies).

171. Miss. Marta, from Portugal. (Volunteer Teacher and donated school supplies, some bags, some uniforms and some office supplies).

170 . Miss. Ana, from Portugal. (Volunteer Teacher and donated school supplies, some bags, some uniforms and some office supplies).

169. A Group of Danish people: Mr. Christian Stylsvig Jorgensen, Lonnie Torning Christensen, Mirjam Natascha Kuntz, Zandra Berthelesen, Marie Westergaard Jensen, Marie Louise Kornerup Graabaek, Anna Kathrine Nielsen, Julie Holm Nielsen, Manja Hyrup, Sigrid Bergmann, Lene Kjoelby Lundsgaard, Mr. Nicolaj Nielsen, Nina May Knudsen, Mette Holst Poulsen, Tine Maria Duhrr. (Volunteers and Visitors who donated clothes and some snacks).

168. Miss. Ana Silva . Managing Director. From Orienting (Advising).

167. Mr. Bernardo Domingos. President. From Orienting (Advising).

166. Mr. Matt Tully, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

165. Ali, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

164. Miss. Sarah Downey, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

163.Mr. Conor Walsh, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

162. Miss. Amy Jones, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

161. Miss. Becca Richards, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

160. Mr. Ben Susanna, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

159. Mrs. Robyn Evans, from Australia. (Teaching Resources, games, and Educational card games).

(Sponsoring teachers and 10 kids at SHAC).

158. Mr. Mark Wade and Mrs. Vanessa Wade, from Australia Cherrybook Technology School

157. Mr. Sunho and his 3 friends, from Korea (Volunteer Teachers).

156. Miss. Ines Sousa, from Orienting (Volunteer Teacher).

155. Mr. Filipe Estrela, from Orienting (Volunteer Teacher).

154. Visitors from Denmark (15 people ) Marie, Thomas, Simone, Naana..... (For kids snacks and school supplies).

153. Good Will Globetrotting. (For field trip, school supplies, and toys).

152. Miss. Yoshe, from Scotland. (Volunteer Teacher).

151. Miss. Felicia, from Singapore (Volunteer Teacher).

150. Miss. Sheena, from Singapore. (Volunteer Teacher).

149. Family and Friends of Kate English , everybody in the old Abbey Inn , and The People of Holycross donated : ( A wooden door, a color printer, uniforms, shoes, bags, cover of the classroom, school supplies and other ....... in education).

148. Miss. Lian Boukema, from Holland. (Volunteer Teacher).

147. Miss. Kate English, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher, school supplies).

146. Miss. Amy Young. from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher, school supplies).

145. Miss. Niamh Hayes, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher, school supplies).

144. Teachers From USA. SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY (Hygiene presentation and hygiene supplies donation).

143. CHILDREN'S DREAM e.V. German Organization (Donated a toilet wooden door)

142. Miss. Caroline Toohey, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

141. Miss. Sara Toohey, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

140. Miss. Michelle Nixon, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

139. Miss. Lisa Clarke. from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

138. Mr. Mark Wade and Family, from Australia. (Donation for SHAC).

137. Mr. Nathan Moore. from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

136. Miss. Paris Carpenter, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

135. Miss. Hayley Keight, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

134. Mr. John Wilson, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

133. Miss. Ivy Hoang, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

132. Mr. Peter Sharp, from Australia. (Donated money to repair the school roof and for a Khmer New Year party).

131. Miss. Liz Wyatt, from Australia (Volunteer Teacher and School supplies donation )

130. Kaarina Suomiren, from Finland. (Volunteer Teacher).

129. Miss. Akiko Rive, from Germany. (Volunteer Teacher).

128. Mr. Michal Treger, from Israel. (Volunteer Teacher).

127. Kyoto Gakuen, International Course. ( Donated school supplies, toys and money for the table last year 2011).

126. Go Araki, Daisuke Ishida, Doshisha, Hiroka Saito, Seina Okamatsu, Miki Takahash, Fuka Niwa, Ryohei Kondo, Misaki Nishi, Shota Fujimoto, and Jyunya Matukawa, from Japan (Donated school supplies, toys and money to repair things).

125. Mr. Scott Ettershank, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher, Office supplies donation).

124. Miss. Brenda Walace, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher, Office supplies donation).

123. Miss. Miwa Tanaka, from Japan (Donated books and pens).

122. Miss. Mai Wadatani, from Japan. (Volunteer teacher).

121. Miss. Tumi O'Toole, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

1120. Mr. Tom McNicol, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

119. Miss.Victoria Pressier, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

118 . Mr. Geoff Bonehill, from England. (Donated ABC Books).

117. Rosie Cole, Rhoda Braley and Ross Mackay, from England. (Donated children's story books).

116. Miss. Lisa Crauther, from London. (Donated some toys, coloring books and snacks).

115. Miss. Laura Barnes, from Australia. (Donated some toys, coloring books and snacks).

114. Keo Lakhena, Family and Friends, from Cambodia. (Donated clothes, snacks, drinks and money for children).

113. Children's Legal Aid, from Australia. (Teaching supplies).

112. Aurea Brando-Diageo, Brands. BVAMS. (Volunteer Teacher and donated 4 tables, and 1 white board ).

111. Mr. John, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

110. Miss. Stephanie Kemp, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

109. Miss. Jeanette, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

108. Miss. Reena Hu, from China (Volunteer Teacher).

107. Mr. Paul Burgum, from Australia (Volunteer Teacher).

106. Miss. Kate Nash, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher, a white board donation).

105. Miss. Diane Bissell, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher, a white board donation).

104 . Miss. Renee Yang, from China (Volunteer Teacher).

103. Mr. Vincent J. Lennox, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

102. Miss. Hoang Thu Trang, from Vietnam. (Volunteer Teacher).

101. Mr. Gillian Parry, from New Zealand. (Volunteer Teacher).

100. Mr. Thomas Parry, from New Zealand. (Volunteer Teacher).

99. Miss. Gemma Dorsett, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

98. Miss. Aimee Gulliver, and Ms. Brooke White, from New Zealand. (Donated 30 School Uniform, 30 bags and Playroom concrete).

97. Touch a Life and Friends, from Siem Reap. (Donated clothes, school supplies, toys, baby bibs and some office supplies).

96. Miss. Jill Roberts, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

95. Mr. Stephen Brevik, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

94. Mr. Vincent Lennox, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

93. Mrs. Tina Fowler, from UK. (Donated a color printer).

92. Mrs. Andrea Docksey, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

91. Mrs. Wendy Money, from UK. (Donated money to complete the toilet building).

90. Miss. Akiko Ouchi, from Japan. (Donated some clothes and a carry bag).

89. Dragonfly Association Switzerland, Sara Wallimann. (For flood Relief 2011).

88. Miss. Lindsey Houska, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

87. Miss. Linda, from Australia. (Donated AU$50 for electric fan in new office).

86. Miss. Yeogyeong Kwon, from South Korea (Volunteer Teacher).

85. Mr. Sooyeon Cha, from South Korea. (Volunteer Teacher).

84. Mr. Alex Bennett, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

83. Miss. Lucinda Lowe, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher and some school supplies).

82. Mrs. Gilllian Corkery, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher, school supplies, Water Pump and a white board donated).

81.Mr. Sebastian Turner, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher and school supplies).

80. Mr. Ryan Mosby, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

79.Mss. Krissy Deangelis, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

78. Mr. Chris Coombes, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher, some toys).

77. Miss. Clare Fearn, from Britain. (Volunteer Teacher).

76. Mr. Julien Snell, from London. (Volunteer Teacher).

75.Miss. Margot Jacquet, from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

74. Miss. Jenny Thorne, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

73. Miss. Megumi Kurumada, from Japan. (Volunteer Teacher).

72 .Miss. Philippa Fitch, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

71. Mr. Adam Bellamy, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

70. Mr. Jacob Catt, from UK. (Volunteer Teacher).

69. Mr. John and Sue, from Australia. (Donated a laptop computer for Aly).

68. Mrs. Pauline Even, Kirsty and All Teachers and Students from Hall Green Secondary School, from UK. (Donated Teacher office and supporting all the Christmas Party  ).

67. Kyohei Okada, Reo Shimizu, George Osako, and Ryota Kikkawa, from Japan. (Donated two big balls and school supplies).

66. Mrs. Angela Dean & Kylie Williams, from Australia. (Donations of clothing, hats, school work books & $50).

65. Clark, Katie and Hailey Wismer, from Atlanta,Georgia. U.S.A. (Support local teachers, 5 students tables, and school supplies).

64. Mr. Gerald, from Paul Dubrule School, and Teacher Sonwut Sawatwang. (School supplies).

63. Miss. Lisa-Marie O'Connor, from Ireland. (Volunteer Teacher).

62. Miss. Virginie Chataigner(Ginnie), from France. (Volunteer Teacher).

61. Mr. Soy Sokha, from Cambodia. (Volunteer Teacher as translator).

60. Mr. Loun Vivol, from Cambodia. (Volunteer Teacher as translator).

59. Mr. Ven Socheat, from Cambodia. (Volunteer Teacher as translator).

58. Miss. Lim Danim, from Korea. (Volunteer Teacher as Chemistry & General Knowledge).

57. Miss. Park Semi, from Korea. (Volunteer Teacher as Chemistry & General Knowledge).

56. Miss. Go Yuri, from Korea. (Volunteer Teacher as Chemistry & General Knowledge).

55. Miss. Maaltie and Winnifred, from the Netherlands. (A Desk top).

54. Mr. Koen, from the Netherlands. (Art Supplies).

53. Miss. Judit Bartos, from the Netherlands. (Volunteer Teacher).

52. Mr. James and Nancy, from U.S.A. (School supplies and books).

51. Miss. Grace Wallace, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

50. Miss. Amy Bonehill, from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher).

49. Xinzhao Jiang, from Thousand Oaks. (School supplies).

48. Mr. Bradley Shaw, from California. (School supplies).

47. Mr. Songwot Sawatwang, from Thailand. (Volunteer Teacher).

46. Miss. Carol May, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

45. Miss. Esther Korteweg, from the Netherlands. (Volunteer Teacher).

44. Mr. Michel Joullie, from France. (Sponsor for SHAC, Uniforms).

43. Miss. Rosie Manson, from England. (Volunteer Teacher and School supplies).

42. Mr. Jack Page, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

41. Miss. Alice Buck, from England. (Volunteer Teacher).

40. Mr. Mark Strachan and Kirsty Evans, from U.K. (Volunteer Teachers, four fans donation and fitted electric appliance).

39. Mr. Roy Cohen, from Israel. (Volunteer Teacher).

38. Miss. Rose Vu, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher and school supplies).

37. Miss. Rofika Ismail, from Malaysia. (Volunteer Teacher and school supplies).

36. Miss. Sandra Unzog, from Austria. (Volunteer Teacher).

35. Miss. Karen Cooper, from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher).

34. Cindy and Glen Carley, David Montgomery, Stephanie Gaffney, and Rachel Bakgaard, from Canada. (Donated Vietnam Families, SHAC).

33. Miss. Jess Cornall, from New Zealand. (Volunteer Teacher).

32. Miss. Misa Shinozaki, from Japan. (Donated a CD player).

31. Anat, Daniel, Hila,and Amit, from Israel. (Volunteer Teachers).

30. Miss. Stav Hasidim, from Israel. (Volunteer Teacher).

29. Miss. Chen Kertsman, from Israel. (Volunteer Teacher).

28. Miss. Melanie Eckle, from Germany. (Volunteer Teacher).

27. Mr. Noah Cobourn, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

26. Miss. Louise Pearce, from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher).

25. Mr. James Harvey, George Gardiner, Sam Miller, Alex Kiehl, Tom Dwyer, Joel Black, Paul Coward, Jeremy, Helen, Gilbert Belas, Sara Kimberley, Kathy Bolt, Greig Trout, Ross Sower-Butts, Steve Coward, Dave Roots, Ruth and John Harlin, Livvy Guglia, Ivan Harling, Sarah and Sean, from U.K. (School supplies, tarpaulin, first aid kit, child sponsorship and book case).

24. Mr. Martin Coward , from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher/ Printing SHAC T-shirt).

23. Miss. Judith Harling, from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher/ Printing SHAC T-shirt).

22. Mr. Alain Boey, from Rotary Club, Subang Malaysia. (School supplies and some toys).

21. Miss. Donna Broadbent, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

20. Mr. Mark Ransley, from Australia. (Volunteer Teacher).

19. Miss. Denise James, from U.K. (Volunteer Teacher).

18. Mr. Anthony, Gary, Dan, and Ste Bracher, from U.K. (School supplies, toys and some clothes).

17. Mr. Liam and Mel Brodrick, from Australia. (Volunteer Teachers and a Printer).

16. Mr. Andy, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

15. Mr. Dru, from U.S.A. (Volunteer Teacher).

14. Room to Read Organization. (English story books for Children and Adults).

13. Mr. Christoper, from ABOUT Asia Schools. (School Supplies).

12. Mr. Dave, Barb, Lara, and Maya, from Australia. (School supplies and a ball).

11. See You Impact, Trailblazer. Mr. Scott and Christ. (Donated a Water filter).

10. Mr. Jonh and Ricky, from U.K. (Volunteers, toilet building and school supplies).

9. Mrs. Baeumlin, from France (Christmas Party).

8. Mr. Okai Yoji, from J.P. (Teacher's room /Office /Playroom/Scanner/Laminator/Internet).

7. Mr. Michel Joullie, from France (Supporting SHAC).

6. Weinmayr, from Germany (Third classroom).

5. Mr. John and Sue, from Australia (Donate toilet for People in the Village).

4. Mr. Muser and Mr. Shaber, from Germany (Internet Sponsor for 5 months).

3. Angkor Palm Restaurant, Siem Reap. (Website Sponsor and for SHAC Banner).


2. Mr.Phido Champa Meas.From Cambodia. Board Director of Western International School(Sponsor ).

1. H.E.Te Laurent, From Cambodia.The Principle of Western International School (Sponsor).


The Hall of Fame list above represents all those who have truly created smiling hearts (Please inform the S.H.A.C. organization if you'd like to remain anonymous.)

On behalf of the Smiling Hearts Association For Children, the children, and their families, we thank all of our volunteers and donors. Through your generosity and service we work towards a better Cambodia, one child at a  time.

A special Thank You is needed to all who helped advance the opening of our first organization. you created a spark that ignited the fire of knowledge in our community.

Thank you !!!


Director of SHAC