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Smiling Hearts Association for Children receives no funding or services from any government agencies. We are wholly dependent on donations from private individuals and companies to ensure our daily English classes continue. In addition to SHAC's budgetary challenges, many of the children have personal financial battles of their own.

To attend public school in Cambodia, students must buy their school uniform and bag, pay for their own school day meal and pay a monthly fee. The annual total fees are $250 per child. With an average annual income of approximately $880 and an average of 3 children per family, this leaves $130 for all other expenses for the year! It is easy to understand how these schools fees present an impossible hurdle for the average family.

We have over 200 students and, at present, around 25% of them do not attend public school as their families cannot not afford to pay the annual fees. The only education their are receiving is from SHAC and the only subject they are learning is English. Clearly, this will not provide the needed skills and abilities to be self-reliant, successful adults.

A one-time donation or a monthly donation in our "support a student" program will change the life of a child as it will assist them to receive a complete education from public school along with their daily classes with us at SHAC.

Any donations given to SHAC will be used for school supplies, hygiene supplies, teacher equipment, basic utilities and school improvements and maintenance.

Please consider supporting the SHAC school and our needy and grateful students as part of your charity budget. This small amount of money ($20 per month / $250 a year) will make a huge change in the lives of these worthy students and will, indeed, change the future of Cambodia.


Thank You!