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For our visitors and volunteers we have recently opened our five bedroom Home Stay,

conveniently located above the classrooms of the school, offering clean and comfortable rooms at

affordable prices.


For directions please see the following link:



All proceeds of the Home Stay will be used towards helping the education of SHAC's students as

well as providing the with new school resources.


The option of fan or air conditioning is available and all rooms receive reliable WiFi.




Each room comes with a private ensuite which is comfortable and clean.


Rates & Reviews:

Double bed With Fan : $10 ( USD ) per night

Single bed With Air Con : $15 ( USD ) per night

* All rooms are subject to availability: for more information please contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / or phone call 855 12 378444.


Volunteers feedback !

" I really enjoyed my stay at SHAC home stay. The rooms were very clean and the wifi is very good. Aly the manager is always there to help you and make sure your stay is a great one by catering for all your needs. I found the kitchen really useful and a great way to meet fellow volunteers and guests. I will definitely be back! Thank SHAC "

Olivia Burett, England.


" What a great place to stay. The rooms are comfortable and clean and the knowledge that the money for each night is going to help others is a true bonus. Having had a break down upon arrival of how our contribution for the rooms is contributed and used to help is lovely to hear. It is a nice way for volunteers to make a contribution financially as SHAC's does not charge for volunteering, as well as being cheap and affordable for the backpacker budget, and a perfect location for any future volunteers ".

-Angus Griffiths, Scotland.

Special thanks to my beautiful friends Nicci and Rick for a very big sponsor for the school and volunteer home stay . That make very different now . We are very much appreciate your hard and generous work for our school.

Happy Birthday SHAC , November 1, 2014

Smiling Hearts School Calendar:

Welcome to Smiling Hearts

(230 students) - Morning & Afternoon

Together with one Mind and Hearts !


New workbooks , and Hair washing to Children at SHAC.

1November 2013.

New workbooks from giving donors

Shampoo and vitamin time


SHAC'S 4th Birthday, November 1 .2013

Parent meeting 6th time of SHAC School .

Thank you : Commune Leaders , Villages Leaders , Chef District , Teachers , Parents , Staff, Students and all Supporter of SHAC.



Christmas Party December 29 , 2013 .

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 Xxxxxx

Christmas� Party at SHAC

December 22, 2012.

The beginning of the Christmas� Party

Singing and Dancing at the Christmas Party

Children receiving a gift

Christmas dinner - yummy! Tongue out

We had great fun! Smile



01 NOVEMBER 2010- 01 NOVEMBER 2012

Aly (Director & Founder of SHAC) with the children & and SHAC staff.

Today was a very special day for SHAC - we celebrated our 2-year anniversary. Thank you so much to the RAFFLES HOTEL for a very big and tasty birthday cake, plus lots of very good food for our students, staff, and teachers. SHAC is completely dependent on charity, with over 230 kids. We receive no support from the Government but SHAC is doing very well and we're always smiling. Thank you so much to all our volunteer teachers - generous people who love and support the SHAC students, school, teachers and staff by investing their own precious time in teaching, and who donate resources to our school. On behalf of SHAC ... THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

We wish you good luck, good health and hope all your dreams will come true.

You are always in our (Smiling) Hearts !! We love you :)


Director of SHAC


Volunteer Uniforms

Take a look at our volunteer uniforms worn by our staff