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Soriya is a child from a broken family. Her father and mother are separated. Her father works as a carpenter far away and comes home only once or twice a year. Her mother's only source of income is earned from selling sweets on the streets of her village. Soriya enjoys attending Smiling Hearts association due to the family oriented and inclusive style of teaching.


When Savay was born her parents abandoned her. She was then "bought" by a woman who worked in a Karaoke bar. This lady later paid a small amount of money to another woman to care for Savay. After one year the woman from the Karaoke bar disappeared and the caretaker refused to continue to look after of Savay for no salary. At 2 or 3 years old Savay was passed to the caretakers grandmother, who has looked after her until today.

Today this old lady (70 years old) lives with her own granddaughters as well as Savay. This family lives on approximately $20 - $30 USD a month. She herself was forced to work near Phnom Kulen during reign of the Khmer Rouge and during this time lost many family members. Now the grandmother is very old and sick and hence Savay is to be put up for adoption.




Sophat and Sopheak live with an old woman with no income. They are real orphans. The woman whom they live with is 82 years old and not able to walk or work. She has lost nearly all her family members and relatives but still has been trying her best to look after Sophat and Sopheak, by accepting financial support from her neighbours.



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